Do I refi?

Who we are

We are a small independent team of developers based in Silicon Valley with extensive experience in real estate, finance, and analytics.

Why we built DoIrefi

We're also homeowners with mortgages and were tired of the flawed advice and biased calculators you typically find online. We also don't enjoy subjecting ourselves to online quote hell in order to get an answer. So we built the product we wanted for ourselves: one that takes care of the data gathering and analytical heavy lifting and alerts you when refinancing really makes sense. We think this can help all homeowners better understand their mortgage debt and make smarter financial decisions.

How our approach is different

Our methods focus on minimizing the overall cost of a loan. This doesn't simply mean reducing your monthly payment or the total interest you pay. This means comparing the expected cash flows of two loans while accounting for the time value of money, appropriate risk-adjusted costs of capital, tax deductibility, and other factors. The vast majority of refinance calculators ignore these and rely on overly simplistic calculations that often lead to bad decisions.

How to contact us

Feel free to reach out and tell us what you think at